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How to make a youtube thumbnail?

1. Upload Video Screenshot      2. Edit Image      3. Make it 16:9      4. Download Youtube Thumbnail

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How to grab youtube thumbnail?

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The ideal Youtube Thumbnail Size 2019

What is the youtube thumbnail size?

Recommended Youtube video thumbnail size in 2019: 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall, with a minimum width of 640 pixels. 16:9 ratio is ideal for Youtube video player.

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Best online youtube thumbnail maker free on the internet. Simple and user-friendly online image editor allows you to make youtube thumbnails for free in minutes.

How to use?
1. Upload Video Screenshot
2. Edit Image
3. Download Youtube Thumbnail

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“YoutuberTool solves the problem in creating a good YouTube video thumbnail. They offer free and an easy-to-use feature to create high-quality YouTube thumbnail and download thumbnails from any youtube video.”

YoutuberTool offers a unique tool that can help YouTuber or anyone who need to create a thumbnail for the YouTube video. YouTube video thumbnail itself holds an important role in attracting people to watch the video. An interesting thumbnail will make people want to know the content of the video. This youtube thumbnail maker offers help to create this interesting thumbnail easily.

Creating a YouTube thumbnail with the correct specification is actually difficult to do. The process is long and complicated. A screenshot needs to be taken from the video. Then, it also needs the editing process to add text, combine the image, and many things. It is all to create the thumbnail that is interesting as well as has the ability to send the message to the viewer about the content, plus make them curious.

Software, programming skills, and other knowledge are needed in order to grab a thumbnail from a youtube video. However, cut that long process into a simple and easy process. For example, it has the youtube thumbnail grabber feature. This feature allows the user to download a thumbnail just by using the YouTube video link. The process is finished in seconds.

YoutuberTool is also free to use. All YouTubers can use it without worrying about how much money they need to spend to create a high-quality thumbnail for their video. Moreover, the thumbnail that this website produce has corrected youtube thumbnail size that matches with the requirement that YouTube stated.

With the increasing of video streaming usage these days, YoutuberTool is definitely understood that their service can help many YouTubers. This online tool can be said to be the best help for the video maker in today’s digital era.